Contact: Louis Silvestro
    370 E. Eagle St.
    East Boston, MA 02128
    Tel: 617-569-3200
    Fax: 617-561-8471


Channel Fish Co., Inc.

Channel Fish Company, Inc., is a family owned and operated business that has been serving New England for over 30 years. Located in East Boston, Massachusetts on the Chelsea River, our facility undergoes biannual HAACP reviews by the USDC, and we are on the FDA's register of Approved Seafood Exporters to the EU. The Channel Fish Company prides itself on being able to provide quality frozen and salted seafood to a variety of industries.

For a complete list of our products and specifications, click here.
Our main products are divided into three main categories:
    * Frozen and salted seafood for human consumption.
    * Frozen and ground fish products for animal feed.
    * Fresh, frozen, and salted products for bait.

More specifically, we focus on producing and processing:
    * Ocean Whitefish
    * Species-Specific fish: cod/haddock, tuna, herring/sardines, flounder, salmon
    * Ground or mechanically de-boned fish products.
    * Fish dust

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Channel Fish Company | 370 East Eagle Street | East Boston, MA 02128 | Phone: (617) 569-3200 | Fax: (617) 561-8471